On this page you can find information about some of our projects.

Rural broadband Reitdiep

getimage-1.asp.htmlThe glassfiber-route Reitdiep is the first rural route that is designed and calculated. We choose this route because there is little glassfiber in this erea. And a number of customers is very clear in their demand: service bridges and broadband for town halls and libraries. Municipalities of De Marne, Winsum and Zuidhorn join the project.

Kids in Space: interactive course primary school

getimage.asp.htmlIn this project we develop interactive course-material for primary schools. Kids learn via a computer-game all about space. They find out how astronomers study planets and stars. They also learn about the Lofar-project in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands.

SIG Realestate

SIG Realestate, an estate company that develops and lets buildings, has layed a glassfiber-infrastructure to their buildings in Zernike Science Park. The design, tender and accompaniment of construction is done by Publicase. Recently the network, that links up the SIG-buildings to the Groninger Internet Exchange and the Tyco-building, is delivered up.
For SIG Realestate a good ICT-provision in its property is important to attract data-intensive tenants. The ‘glassfiber-accessroad’ is part of the realestate. The value of the property increases, which is confirmed by recent data (US and Canada) of the Gartner-group.

Broadband Eemsdelta

getimage-2.asp.htmlThe municipalities Appingedam, Bedum, Delfzijl, Eemsmond, Haren, Hoogezand-Sappemeer, Loppersum, Slochteren en Ten Toer, Groningen Seaports and the Province of Groningen have jointly connect their offices to glassfiber. Herefore a tender is held, in wich contracters will be asked to make an ‘unbundeld offer’: glassfiber-use and apart from that VPN-services. The aim is to come to an open glassfiber ring through the region, with fixed prices for the launching customers and also for later users. In this way more companies are capable to offer their broadband-services in the Eemsdelta-regio, wich is good for supply ánd prices.

Community Network Groningen

getimage-4.asp.htmlOn april 2-th 2004 we the Community Network Groningen (CNG) got operational . The new fiberoptic-network is unique because it’s an open network by and for customers. CNG is an intitative of 6 launching customers, organisations with about 80 locations in the city of Groningen.
Now the network is ready, other companies can join in and make use of the broadband-possibilities. The municipality of Groningen initiated this project. Publicase developped businessmodels, caried out the feasability-study and formed commitment.
The lauching customers (the municipality, University of Groningen, Hanzehogeschool, TCN Realestate and Biblionet) are shareholders of this customer-network. Their aim is to let  the network grow, so other companies and institutions can get access to broadband-services. Read more on Community Network. Click on English version.

Astronomic network in the Provincie of Drenthe

getimage-1.asp.htmlThe astonomy-research center Astron is located in the the Province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. Astron is well known for their radiotelescopes at Westerbork. The larger the steal-structured telescopes, the better researchers can study universe.
But there are fysical limitations, so they invented a ‘virtual telescope’. This supertelescope, named LOFAR, exists of a network of fields with small antennas.
Looking on the map of the Netherlands this telescope-network looks like a mill with small and large wings.
Along these wings the antennafields are placed. They are connected with glassfiber to transport data to the central computer. Out of all data the computer forms a superlarge picture. Scientificly this is a enormous step forward. But also economicly and socially the province of Drenthe can take advantage of this broadbandnetwork. By making a smart design companies and villages can be connected to broadband as well. Publicase is stock-taking the clustered demand for broadband. Next, the network is desiged as to connect as much bandwith-users as possible. Find more information and an interesting animation by clicking on Astron-Lofar.

Northern Lightrail

getimage-3.asp.htmlIn 2001 Tyco rolled out her worldwide network to Europe. A seacable from New York landed in the Eemsharbour in Groningen, the Netherlands. Northern Lightrail took care of the land-connection from Groningen to Amsterdam and to Hamburg (Germany).
Northern Lightrail operates this network and offers all worldwide Tyco-connections. Now several customers are making use of these services, for example Surfnet and a wellknown searchengine-company.
Publicase had a crucial role in starting up Northern Lightrail. In 2006 the company has been sold to Eurofiber.

Broadband-pilot Leeuwarden

getimage.asp.htmlBroadband-pilot Leeuwarden is a project carried out by ICT Center Leeuwarden. The municipality of this city invested in a glassfiber cityring, where users can hire ‘dark fiber’ at cost-price.

Publicase is stock-taking the clustered demand for broadband for growth of the network, to develop the businessmodel and the organisation.
Recent users of the network ar local government, hospitals and schools.
The municipality of Leeuwarden coordinates the dark fiber infrastructure. Activation and other (content)services are carried out by a number of companies in the market.